Briana Takes on Asia: Nepal!

Namaste friends!

Today I said goodbye to India, the most magical country I have ever experienced, and said hello to beautiful Nepal! I have so much to tell y’all about India, but it will be in due time. I purposefully put the blog on hold for a bit, so I could experience India as it is without the thought and worry of blogging everything. I feel like I was able to be all there

So, Nepal! It’s a 5 day vacation for me! I have wanted to visit Nepal for quite some time now and being in India gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Lucky for me, my boss is amazing and agreed I should have this chance to explore on my own. 

I landed in Nepal close to 1 PM, and my adventure started in the airport. I had a to do list before I could enter the country. The first task was to exchange my Indian Rupees for US Dollars so I could pay for my Visa. I tried to exchange in the Delhi airport, but the attendant told me to wait until I was in Nepal because he would have to charge me 400 rupees to exchange (a little inconvenient but I definitely appreciated the consideration?). I went directly to the cash exchange in the Nepal airport, to be told that they wouldn’t take my Indian rupees, but I could use my card at the next desk. So I scoot over to the next, where the man tried to tell me I couldn’t use a visa. He questioned why I am from US and didn’t have USD, which is when I informed him that I haven’t been home in months. Finally, he took my visa! So, visa receipt, check!

I actually had no idea what to do next, and after questioning a few people, discovered that I skipped a step and was supposed to fill out the application at a kiosk. Once again, I scooted over to where I was supposed to be, and mostly confusedly filled out an application for a visa. 

Finally, the last thing to fill out was an immigration form. Done and done. I walked up to the counter after watching the attendant turn away multiple people for not having all the documents they needed, and prepared to be told that I missed yet another step. To my luck, I had it all, so in to Nepal I went!

I met with my driver and was greeted by two other travelers staying in the same AirBnB, just my luck! Funny enough, Hannah and Patrick are traveling in the opposite direction as me. They are 2 weeks into their 5 months of travel. They came from China and will next be in India, and continuing west. Meanwhile, I’m coming from India and will be flying East to my final destination once this week is done. 

We settled in, had our afternoon tea, and decided to go do a little exploring before dinner. 

Nepal has already blown me away by its beauty. Of course, we’re surrounded by mountains and the Himalayas hide behind the clouds, much like Dharamsala. We walked past lush, green rice fields and spoke with the local children as we made our way through the winding streets. We found our way to the main road with a goal of finding some delish food. You don’t have to look too far, though.

We saw the dumplings this woman was making and immediately decided we needed them in our life. I got a plate full of veggie dumplings and some kind of soup for less than $1. I may or may not become a regular at this place during my stay here! 

We continued our wandering, and found The Party Palace. I was immediate intrigued. Really I just wanted to see what The Party Palace actually is. We walked into the gate while the people at the door stared at us and I was totally ready for them to turn us away because it looked like a wedding or something was going on. But oh no, instead, they smiled and insisted we come in to see what’s going on. 

We shuffled in to find all these beautifully dressed women and girls in their saris and music blasting. The men summoned over some nice ladies, and insisted we dance with them. I mean, while in Nepal, right? So, up to the stage we went, where we tried to imitate their lovely dance moves. We partied it up until more and more ladies joined us. Of course, I threw in my own dance moves and cracked up the ladies and people watching. 

They showered us with love and food. We found out they were literally celebrating women and all they do. It was a super dope women’s appreciation party! 

We had to get back home, so we said our goodbyes and went on our way. We easily found our way to the main road, but getting home proved to be a challenge. Despite all of us having maps downloaded on our phone, we could not for the life of us find the road, which apparently is not on the map *facepalm*. On top of that, it started pouring, and the roads were already getting a bit flood-ish. It took us about 40 minutes, but we finally found home again!

I also found this cool door, so I documented it for you all:

We had dinner with Dil and his family, which was so worth. They prepared us a traditional Nepali meal and it was so goooood! I have grown to love and appreciate Indian food, but it was nice to have a delicious and mild meal for once, ha! Before dinner, Dil’s family went out of their way to make us tea to warm us up from the rain. After dinner, Dil made us lemongrass tea with lemongrass from his garden. It’s tea heaven here!

That’s all for now. I’m mega tired, so I’m going to pass out. Tomorrow we will be doing a Kathmandu tour, and then Hannah and Patrick continue on their journey Monday. I’m excited to experience everything Kathmandu has to offer! It’s been one day, but the hospitality here is blowing me away. Everywhere I travel, I can’t believe how kind people are. The world is amazing, and the people of the world are equally amazing. Everyone should experience this, it will change your entire outlook on life ❤️

Peace out!



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